Spooktacular Lessons - Poe

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Spooktacular Lessons - Poe

October 6, 2019

It's the spookiest month of the year and it's time to ENGAGE THOSE KIDDOS. One of my favorite stories from Edgar Allan Poe is The Cask of Amontillado. It's a nail bitter and students are HOOKED when they read it. It's a spooky story with a twisted ending, and the lesson possibilities are endless. 


For this story, I thought it would be fun if students took the role of a detective trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of Fortunado. 

Student will conduct a literary analysis, but they'll never even know it's happening because they'll have too much fun! Students will crack the case using their close reading skills. 


I think it's fun to give students a manila folder to keep their case file in with a "CONFIDENTIAL" sticker or something on it. 


I also like to play creepy music when students are "working on the case". I use this from Youtube, especially when I read the story to them the first time. It really sets the mood, ESPECIALLY if it's October and close to Halloween!


What students will complete:

- Vocabulary "investigation" (since Poe is the master of fancy language, as the kids say)

- Character sketch

- Case file (which is where students answer questions about the story)

- Interrogation (where students need to come up with questions to ask different "witnesses")


It's one of my favorite Poe stories and if you teach it with enough energy, you can easily get your students to fall in love with it too!


Happy spooking :) 



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