8 Activities That Use an Instagram Template

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8 Activities That Use an Instagram Template

September 22, 2019

Listen - your girl loves a good social media inspired activity. Like - LOVES. I think they are such an easy way for students to feel connected to the work that they do. Sooooooooo. Using a simple Instagram template, here are 8 creative (and useful) activities you can give students!

In each activity, students create a user name for whoever is posting, they can add comments, hashtags...the works!


Pro tip: these are geared towards ELA and SS/History - but that doesn't mean you can't adapt them for your needs :)


1. Character Selfie

This was my ORIGINAL social media activity - students choose a character from the novel and create a "selfie" of that character. Then, they need to come up with a caption that describes their selfie, provide some insightful character traits, explain how it relates to the novel and use textual evidence to support their writing.

For SS, students could create a selfie of a famous historical figure using the exact same process!


2. Influencer Book Club

Being an influencer is what kids WANT to be when they grow, so give them that chance. Have them recommend the novel they're reading to their "followers". Essentially, they're selling the book. In the caption, they should explain why someone should read the novel, giving details but not giving anything away! (This is a great alternative to a reading log!)


3. Before + After

We've all seen those before and after posts on IG. In this activity, have students create a "before and after" of a character in the story. You can have them compare from the beginning of the novel and the end of a novel, after a major milestone, after a major conflict, etc. In their caption, students will explain how the character as changed or evolved, using textual evidence to support their answer.

For SS, have students create a before and after of a historical figure, such as how someone was at the beginning of an era (such as a monarch) and how they were in their peak or at the end of their reign.


4. Impactful Post

Another original social media post, students are asked to choose an impactful scene from the novel/section/story and create an IG post from a character's perspective. Then in the caption, students explain why it's an impactful moment using textual evidence to help support their answer.

For SS, students can choose an impactful moment in history from a certain figure's perspective, while in the caption, explaining why it's so important, using evidence to support their answer.


5. Influencer Post

Again, have students step into the role of an influencer. Have students identify a character (or have them all do the same one!) and identify something that the character finds extremely important. It can be morals, values, political issues, social issues, etc. Have them create a "sponsored post" about the topic and in the caption, have them "influence" their audience to believe their position. They should use textual evidence to help support their answer.

For SS - students can use a position that a figure/government/group has and "influence" their audience in the same manner.


6. This is a MOOD

Have students identify the mood a story and create some kind of "moody" post that portrays that. Then, in the caption, have students explain the mood and use textual evidence to support their answer!


7. #Perspective

Have students create 2 IG posts about an event in the novel. The trick? Have them create each post from a different character's perspective. Challenge them to represent their perspectives (such as the conflict, a milestone, issue, etc). In the caption, have students explain the event they chose from each characters perspective, using textual evidence to support their answer.

For SS - since history always has 2 sides, have students portray an event from the different sides. Then in the caption, have students write from the perspective of each figure/group/government, using evidence to help support their answer.


8. Ready, SET, Action!

Have students create a visual of the setting of the novel. This works great for historical stories, or science fiction/fantasy. In the caption, have students explain the setting, using textual evidence to help support their answers.


Fun fact: "Influencer" isn't recognized as spelled correctly (or even as a word!) Technology can't keep up with these kids!


How do you use social media templates in your classroom? I'd love to hear!


If you want these activities already created for you, you can access them in this GROWING bundle of social media activities :) You can also get blank Instagram template (that have editable text boxes!) by clicking here.





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