Email Etiquette - Universal, NECESSARY Skills

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Email Etiquette - Universal, NECESSARY Skills

September 8, 2019

At the beginning of the year, it's a good idea to lay foundation expectations for students so they work on improving skills throughout the year. One of the most common problems teachers face across all disciplines is the lack of email etiquette or knowledge that students of all ages have! Especially as secondary students, they use email to interact with teachers almost daily. It's important that they know how to write an appropriate and professional email.

I built this mini unit based off of my own experiences with my students. I would get a variety of emails, including:

- Emails written in the subject line

- Emails without a subject line

- No greeting or sign off


Need I go on? We've all seen these, and it's definitely important to give students foundational email skills. They're lifelong skills and something they'll practice often! So here's a look into my Email Etiquette Mini Unit

First, I created a student work packet for students. There are a total of 12 different worksheets that students will work through.


 I made this a printable AND digital student work packet. So depending on what your tech situation is, and what your students prefer, you can offer them either version.

I focused on designing activities using REAL EXAMPLES that have been sent to me. So it's humorous - you can easily tell where the issues are!

I also designed a PowerPoint to go with this lesson, which gives students CLEAR VISUALS AS TO WHY THESE EMAILS ARE WRONG. Among other important pieces of an appropriate email :) 

The idea is to get students engaged and discussion these RIDICULOUS emails, while having a better understanding as to whyyyyy they need to use email etiquette in their daily life.  


Also a bonus: there are editable slides and editable worksheets so you can customize this lesson to the needs of your students!


You can grab this lesson here. I'd love to see how you customize it to your students!







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