Cross Curricular Graphic Organizers

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Cross Curricular Graphic Organizers

August 5, 2019

Having taught middle school, I know that writing can be a true challenge for many students. When working through the writing process with students, organization can be a true struggle. So last year, I focused a lot of my energy on the idea of organization and PLANNING a writing piece. So I created:




 I am TELLING you - these were a game change for my students. This is one of the best things that I ever created for my students.


The first type of writing I would always teach students were the ones that could be used across any of the disciplines:

- Informational Writing

- Constructed Response

- Argumentative Writing


We operated in a way that allowed students to continue practicing what they learned with me in the other classes. It was so beneficial!


Last year, I came up with the idea of creating these graphic organizers and making them available to students ALL. THE. TIME. So I made them digital and I had a tub of them in my room that students could pull from whenever they wanted. This gave students a choice (because isn't giving students choice so powerful?)

In this tub, I would keep paper copies of the organizers and students would grab them whenever they wanted them.


If students didn't know which one to use, all they had to do was look at the divider where it lists when you would use that kind of writing. It looks like this:

You can grab the tub dividers and cover here for FREE! If you want to read more about my strategy and approach to constructed response writing, check out this post.


Once students figured out that they could use these in any class, they would come into my classroom (quietly!) and grab them during the day if they needed them. I always got such positive feedback from students to allow them to use these and the other teachers praised them as well. Their writing improved and so did their confidence.


This was the best thing that I ever implemented into my writing instruction, and I highly recommend it! What's your strategy to helping students improve their confidence in their writing across curriculum?





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