Civil Rights Movement Stations Activity

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Civil Rights Movement Stations Activity

January 20, 2019

In honor to MLK, Jr. day and Black History Month in February, I wanted to share a new lesson (or lessons, depending on how you use it!) that I created.



Ever since I started teaching To Kill a Mockingbird, I have found a true passion in discovering the Civil Rights Movement. In creating this activity, I really wanted to get students interested in learning about this crucial era in recent history. There are activities that will appeal to all types of learning, including an interactive website, close reading of a photo, and craft interview questions for the leaders of the movement.


You can watch the video here, that goes into detail about the stations included as well as the potential to turn each of the stations into a full lesson plan!


 Here's a peek into what's included, if you don't want to watch me babble on for 15 minutes.



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