JOY Holiday Decor: DIY Tutorial

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JOY Holiday Decor: DIY Tutorial

November 4, 2018

It's halfway through November, friends. Can you believe it? And although we haven't seen Thanksgiving yet, I believe it's time to start making our holiday decor. And tbh, this is one that I like to keep up all winter long. A lot of my "holiday" decor is stuff I'll keep up until March. It's a lot of natural colors, along with wood and red. And since I live in New England and it snows until June, I figure that my winter decor can last a few extra months. 


This is a decor piece that I made this year. I was inspired to make a few new pieces this year having moved into our new house. I wanted something modern and sleek, but timeless. This was 100000% inspired by Joanna Gaines. I mean, she can hire me as a creative designer any time now! hahahaha


Here's what you need to make this SO SIMPLE AND EASY yet gorgeous piece:


Everything I used, I bought at Michael's on sale.

- board (any style you want. I used a pallet board.)

- a wreath to fit on your board

- chalk paint (or any paint/glitter/etc that your designer heart chooses)

- the letters J and Y to fit on your board. Mine are solid wood.

- hot glue gun and glue

- paint brush


This DIY took me all of 23 minutes. Seriously - even if you think you don't have a DIY bone in your body, you can do this. I promise! 


Here's the condensed version of the steps:



Here's how it's *currently* looking in my living room:


 Tag me on Instagram if you choose to make your own! I'd love to see your version! :) 


Enjoy and have so much fun!




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