iPad Pro Setup

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iPad Pro Setup

April 29, 2018

I think the most frequent questions I get is about my iPad Pro and my accessories, especially when it comes to my hand lettering on the iPad. So I've FINALLY put it all together for you in this single blog post (with affiliated links included!) so you can set yours up similarly to mine :) 


First things first:


iPad Pro 12.9"


I opted for the larger screen for a few reasons:


1. I read books, grade papers and letter on my iPad. Those are my main uses for it. So I figured that the larger size would be the best option for me and it definitely was the right call.

2. When I bought the iPad Pro, it was the only iPad that was compatible with the Apple Pencil and I knew I wanted that Apple Pencil for lettering and grading.


The newest iPad (which is 9.7") is now compatible with the Apple Pencil and WAY CHEAPER. So, if you don't need the larger screen size, it's about 1/3 of the price.



iPad Pro 12.9"



iPad Pro 10.5" 


Apple Pencil


This is a must. Seriously. If you letter or plan on grading papers or taking notes or really doing ANYTHING on the iPad, you need the Pencil. Trust me.



Apple Pencil


Silicone Pencil Cover


The pencil itself is beautiful and sleek, but if you plan on writing or drawing a lot, I would really suggest getting a silicone cover. It can get slick in your hand and to me, it just didn't feel right. So I use this:



Apple Pencil Silicone Cover


They come in all different covers and it's only $7. I've had the same one for a year and half and it looks brand new. Definitely worth the $7.


Matte Screen Protector


I didn't get one of these until about 2 months ago and it's a game changer. Writing on the iPad can sometimes be a challenge, and I read on another blog that they used the matte screen protector. It helps with how slick it can be writing on the iPad and gives it a more pen and paper feel. I love it and wouldn't go back!



Matte Screen Protector 10.5"



Matte Screen Protector 12.9"


iPad Smart Case


I personally use a case, just to keep it safe. This is the one that I use. It's nice because when you put the smart cover on, it automatically puts your iPad to sleep so you don't have to worry about killing the battery.



iPad 12.9" Smart Case






I do all of my lettering and digital artwork on Procreate. You do have to pay for the app, but it's wonderful and there is so much that you can do with it. It's a great tool if you want to create any kind of art on your iPad. I highly suggest it!




I use this for all of my note taking - whether it be to prepare for class, during PD or a meeting, or just to doodle and jot down ideas. It's a great way to stay organized if you want to keep all of your notes in a single spot. I love it! I learned about this when I bought my iPad Pro. The person who sold it to me was super knowledgeable about educational apps. This one is a gold mine!


iFont Maker


THIS is how I create all of my fonts. And you NEED the Apple Pencil if you plan on creating fonts. So. Much. Fun!


Microsoft Office: Word and OneNote


This is how I grade digitally for my students. I use my Pencil and when I grade, it is automatically shared with your students so they can receive the feedback when you're done. I'm sure that Google has similar features that you can use, too! As an English teacher, it makes grading so much easier because I don't have to lug home 100 essays. I just have the kids type it into their student notebooks on OneNote, they don't even have to share anything with me, and I can see how they do. I can grade and they see the feedback in real time. It's awesome!


I hope this helps answer your questions about my iPad Pro setup. If you have any questions, post them down below and I will do my best to answer them for you!





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