Teacher Organization

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Teacher Organization

April 24, 2018

I'm not going to lie...I LOVE organization. I really do. There are so many different ways to organize a classroom, but one thing that I struggled with my first year of teaching was keeping all of my main unit essentials together.


When I first started teaching, I saw that so many teachers had SO. MANY. FILING. CABINETS. FULL. OF. CRAP. I swore that I would never be that teacher that kept everything I'd ever done, student work that was more than a few years old, and text books that I hadn't used in years. Seriously. With the digital age the way that it is, it's basically unnecessary and takes up precious floor space in our classrooms (which typically aren't big enough anyways!) 


When keeping together unit materials, I told myself I'd give myself limited space and then THAT WAS IT. So how do I keep my stuff together? 

 I use scrapbook boxes! They're 12" x 12", so plenty big enough to hold a binder and some additional stuff. In this, I have station activities, a 2.5" filled binder, poetry magnets, and a couple of books. It's so easy for me to just reach for this box instead of digging through folders in filing cabinets. 


I have these boxes: 



That's the link for a pack of 6 - enough for the number of units that I complete in a year. You can get these at Michael's, too! 


 And they stack perfectly. No mess, no clutter, and easy to know what's in there! 


Back to my fear of clutter - this gives me limited space for stuff that I can keep. It forces me to stay current, know what's in there and stay organized. I have 98% of what I need for my students digitally available, so I don't need to keep a million original copies. This has been such a helpful hack!


That's my favorite teacher organization hack. What's yours? Let me know in the comments below!




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