Maternity Leave Binder

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Maternity Leave Binder

April 16, 2018

Leaving your classroom in the hands of someone else can be very daunting and scary (for some). I was really overwhelmed when I left for maternity leave because I left nearly 6 weeks early unexpectedly! Luckily I had started working on my binder ahead of time, but was so glad I had set up the skeleton of what I wanted to leave. 

 As I like to do, I recorded a video of what I left in my binder, and I've also attached some still shots of my binder. 


If you want access to the resource, you get get it here. It's 100% editable to your specific needs, which makes it the perfect outline to get you going!


In this video, I go into depth on how I set up my binder and everything that goes into it! Enjoy :)







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