5 Zenni Glasses for the Best Chic Teacher Style

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5 Zenni Glasses for the Best Chic Teacher Style

February 8, 2018

When I started my teacher Instagram, I thought I would only be blogging and posting about stuff in my classroom. But the question I get THE MOST is...


"Where did you get your glasses?!"


 I've been wearing glasses since college, and I always bought the really expensive ones (because I didn't know any better). With expensive lenses, it would cost me roughly $2039483098. That doesn't work for a girl's budget. 

 My sister showed me Zenni Optical. And IT CHANGED MY WORLD. They're SO affordable you basically have to buy multiple pairs to go with every outfit (like I do). I literally haven't bought a pair of glasses from another site in over 3 years, and I would never go back. $35 for a pair of glasses, INCLUDING frames and lenses? Ya. Thank you. Where do I sign up?


So without further adieu, I'm going to share with you my absolute FAVORITE Zenni glasses that I consistently wear. 

These are affiliate links, meaning that I make a small commission if you buy anything from them through this blog post :) 


1. Tortoiseshell Square Glasses (MY FAVORITE)


I'm obsessed with these glasses. They're lightweight, adorable, and wonderful for the fall and winter season! They go with EVERYTHING and are so classic and chic, they'll never go out of style!


These are the glasses I get asked about the most, hands down. And they're only $27.95 for the frames. GO GETCHYA SOME.


2. Blush Pink Acetate Glasses

 These are an adorable blush pink color and I wear them all spring and summer. The frames are a bit smaller, but they're classic and go with everything. They're feminine and SUPER lightweight. 


3. Black Classic Full Frames

 Everybody needs a perfect, classic pair of black glasses, and these are it. I actually bought them after one of my besties got them. I saw them and KNEW that I needed them! They're classic with a soft detail on the sides. Adorable!


4. Tortoiseshell and Green Oval Glasses

 These were the first pair of glasses that I bought from Zenni and I STILL wear them! They're so much fun with a slight pop of color, but it's classic and simple. I love these beauts! My prescription just changed last week, so I need to get another pair of these. But I really don't mind replacing them since they're only $26. 


5. Classic Professor Browline Frames


Literally, though. How can you be a teacher and NOT own browline glasses? I have these in white, tortoiseshell AND I just ordered these blush pink and gold ones. Because obviously. They're classic, some may even say "hipster" and AMAZING. Can you seriously afford not having them? 


BONUS: Rose Gold Tinted Sunglasses!

I'm obsessed with these sunglasses. As you can see below, my sunglasses have a rose gold tint to them, which you can order at checkout. But I always feel so fabulous and chic and trendy in these! AND they're prescription. OBSESSED.

If you've never bought from them and sign up for their email list, you'll get an additional 10% off (which is basically stealing because their prices are so low!) 


If you're interested, here's a snapshot of my entire glasses collection:


Don't judge me. I don't wear contacts, so I justify my spending on these beauts. I LOVE my glasses. 


Let me know if you end up buying a pair and what you think! I can't wait to hear <3




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