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At Home Gel Mani

January 28, 2018

Update: A comprehensive list of products that I use for self care :)


A few weeks ago, some awesome friends (Hello Teacher Lady, Kelsey Hayes Blog and Doc Cop Teaching) started a new awareness trend called Stop Teacher Guilt and I'm OBSESSED with it. One thing that is really important for teachers is to take time for themselves and do things that make them happy. 

I LOVE to get manicures. Gel manis are my fave, but going to the salon every two weeks just isn't something that's always feasible. Now that I have a baby on the way, my husband and I are trying to find ways to save money, and manicures was one of the first things I knew I needed to cut out of my spending. But I don't want to give up gel manicures, so what did I do?


I do them at home, of course! Having manicured nails make me feel more put together and professional. I love doing it and it's super fun for me. I've posted this on my instagram stories a few times, and I get soooo many questions about it, so here is all of the information in one beautiful post!

First of all, I ordered everything off of Amazon. And everything I'm about to show you is an affiliated link through Amazon :) But it's all stuff I use! 


1. The LED light: 

 It's small, portable, can be taken apart to clean, and relatively inexpensive! 


2. Nail care:

I bought a bundle of what I thought I would need for my nails. It comes with cuticle clippers, files, buffer, and some other great stuff. This is an AWESOME bundle for starters. I use it with each manicure that I give myself and have found it super handy :) 


3. The base and top coat (which are ESSENTIAL):

This is the first brand that I bought off of Amazon. It works well! Doesn't damage my nail bed and holds the nail polish really well. 


4. Nail polish:

This is the same brand as the top and base coat. I really like these colors and they hold really well. I have to do 3 coats to get full coverage, but for the price, you can't beat it!


5: Remover:

Instead of trying to wrap your own fingers in cotton balls and tin foil, this is a great alternative to DIY! They hold the cotton balls in place and allow the gel to soak off your finger without asking for help from someone else! haha


The other things I keep in my manicure bag (which can be bought at CVS or the grocery store):


- Cotton balls

- Acetone nail polish remover (I didn't buy the fancy soak off solution. Acetone polish remove is the exact same thing!) 

It's a great way to pamper yourself. My original investment was about $65, I think. Since then, I've added a few more polish colors to my collection, but it's definitely worth it. AND I can do it whenever I have time and I don't need to leave my own house!


How do you pamper yourself? As we keep hearing - you can't pour from an empty cup. Let me know in the comments below!


Have a great week!





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