Brand Yourself - Week 4

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Brand Yourself - Week 4

January 22, 2018

WOOHOO! Congrats! This is the final week of my series, "TpT Seller Boot Camp"! Hopefully you've gained some traction in your Teachers Pay Teachers store and are starting to see some more sales!


This is the final week of my series, and what I would really like to focus on is branding yourself. And what I mean by this is in your actual TpT store. 


Matter #1: The home page of your TpT store should really represent you. There are a few things that you can customize to really make it your own. The first thing I suggest are banners. If you go to the home page of my store, you'll notice that I have a rotating banner that highlights certain products, as well as suggests them to follow my store to updates. DO THIS. THIS HELPS SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU. If your images are catchy and appealing, people will see them and are drawn in. 


I'm REALLY bad at explaining how to upload banners and what sizes you need, etc. But here are a few bloggers that can do a much better job than me:



 It's a rotating banner. It's clean, "on brand" and switches so people can keep up to date with what's going on in my store! I try to change them every couple of months (although I don't always stay true to that!)


Click here if you want a blog post explaining how to make a rotating banner for your store. 


Matter #2: Cover pages for your products in your store.


These are the very first thing that people see about your product and what they associate with your brand.  When I first start creating cover pages for my products, there weren't all that great. Example 1: 

 (This was my very first product - so be gentle. I wasn't as crafty or knowledgable back then!) haha And I really had no idea what I was doing. But quickly, I realized that I needed an "image". But of course, I didn't know what I wanted that to be. So I create a lot of cover pages that were black with bright colored writing. Example 2: 


But I soon realized - that wasn't ME. That wasn't what I wanted to represent my brand. I'm not a dark color person. And my first year teaching, that was the theme of my classroom - black with bright writing and emojis. And I hated it REAL FAST. 


So I then transitioned to what I love - bright colors and white backgrounds. 


And the images need to be SQUARES in order to fill up the entire space. After much thought (and a lot of redesign) I've found what I like my brand to be:

I am working on fixing all of my old cover photo as well, but when your products are "on brand", people will eventually recognize your "branding"! 


Finally, Matter 3: Label your cover photos and banners with your logo, watermark or your social media button. I have it on everything:

 I use my social media button because I like people associating my products with ME as a person. I'm just like you, even though people will sometimes forget that. Personal touches and personal connections help connect with your customers :) 


Have questions for me? Let's connect! Send me a message on Instagram or Facebook and let's collaborate!


Thanks for sharing this series with me. I appreciate each and every one of you so so much!




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