Digital vs. Paper - Week 3

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Digital vs. Paper - Week 3

January 15, 2018

Welcome to week 3 of our "TpT Seller Boot Camp”! Hopefully the last 2 weeks have helped you jumpstart your teacher-author goals and you’re starting to make improvements to your business and are starting to see results.


This week, I want to talk about something a little different - digital vs. paper products. 


When I first started my TpT store, everything I made was something that you could print off and give to your students. I didn’t know how to create an editable, digital version of what I created because I wasn’t using it in my own classroom. Last year was the first year that my classroom was a 1 to 1 classroom, which I feel so lucky to have. But I knew that I needed to figure out ways to start creating a digital classroom. But starting to make that shift, I could also offer something that was in high demand in classrooms across the country - digital and hard copy versions of all of my products. 

ADVERTISE your products as editable. It shows your customers that it's a high quality product that can personalized to their exact needs. This is an awesome strategy to help customers choose your product when spending their hard earned money.


Admittedly, I am still in the process of converting my products to digital versions as well, but have found this shift change my classroom AND my store. So here are my 5 tips to creating digital and hard copy products. 


1. Create digital products that work for both Microsoft Office and Google Classroom. Most classroom utilize one of these 2 platforms, so it’s important to make these both accessible. (As an educator, I think you can download Microsoft Office products for free with your school email address, if you don’t already have it! Google is a free platform for everyone. Just sign up for a gmail account, if you don't already have one!) 


2. Provide both the digital version AND the hard copy printable version of your product so that teachers AND students have a choice. There are a few reasons for this. 

--Students should have a choice to use the digital or hard copy piece because it gives them freedom to do what is best for them. I implement this in my own class. I (almost) always try and give students a choice because what works for some students doesn’t always work for another. STUDENT CHOICE IS CRUCIAL IN THE CLASSROOM. 

--Teachers should also have a choice. First of all, they get more bang for their buck if they have choices of how to use the product. Some teachers may not have access to a 1 to 1 system, but might later on, so they should be able to have different versions of a product to choose from. 


3. Even if you aren't gearing your documents to being used digitally for your students, if applicable, you should give an editable version for the teacher so that they can tweak what is necessary for their own classroom purposes. THIS IS VITAL. (I didn't even think of this until later on and am still working on giving everything an editable version for the teacher.) 


4. While your digital products can be filled with color, make sure that when you also provide the hard copy version that it is also available in a black and white, printer friendly version ESPECIALLY if you’re selling to secondary teachers. I see nearly 100 students a day and would never be able to supply colored copies for everyone. 


5. Finally, if you aren’t really sure how to begin the process of making digital products available for students, there are a few resources that I would suggest to you. The following are some blog posts and my personal favorite tech bloggers that might help you out, and also a resource (that I’m not affiliated with) that I purchased that helped me with this conversion process. 


Study All Knight - Toolkit for Google Drive

Hello, Teacher Lady - Google Docs

One Kreative Kindergarten - Using PowerPoint to Create Editable Resources 


Hello, Teacher Lady is an AWESOME edtech resource, regardless. Check her out!


Hopefully this helps you get one step closer to your goals for your Teachers Pay Teachers store! 


I always love to hear your thoughts and questions, so leave them down below for me!



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