TpT & Social Media - Week 2

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TpT & Social Media - Week 2

January 8, 2018

Welcome to the second segment of "TpT Seller Boot Camp". This week, I want to talk about growth using social media and blogging to help build your brand. 

When I decided to become a TpT seller and really ramp up my social media, it was a mess. I couldn't keep track of everything that I was doing. I was setting goals, but I wasn't writing them down, and I felt like I wasn't staying on top of my game the best that I could. I knew that I really wanted to grow my social media platforms, mainly Instagram, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was obsessively checking how many followers I had, constantly commenting on other people's posts, following others, etc. And you know what the worst part of it all was? I was comparing my Instagram to the giant accounts. You know, the ones that EVERYONE follows. And I tried to copy what they were doing. 


THAT'S. WRONG. As we talked about last week, it's important to be authentic and true to yourself. To be proud of what you do.


One of my favorite posts I have made to date:

I've had an Instagram account since 2012. Essentially, I just turned my personal account into my teacher account because I wasn't utilizing a personal page all that much. I started posting photos of what I do in my classroom, student work, etc. And slowly, it evolved into something that really represents my brand. I connect with hundreds of educators a week, something that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise! And I can connect with them to let them know what I'm up to in my classroom, what products I've created and put into my store, a very organic way to get the word out. 


I actually took an Instagram course through Chalk Full of Love that helped me redesign my Instagram (which I don't think is available anymore). But after taking the course, I really focused on rebranding and redesigning my feed. I use my Instagram to connect with other teachers, as well as share my life inside (and outside!) the classroom. 


Instagram is an awesome place to get the word out about new products that you're putting up in your store. You can share how you use it in your own classroom, talk about it in your stories, and connect with other teachers if they have questions about it. Such a great and simple platform for growth and sales!


It takes a while to figure out what works and what doesn't. But it takes time and patience - just like the rest of this process. If you want some additional information on how to make a "business insta", then here are a few other posts I suggest:


Flat Lay Photography for Instagram


Free Instagram Resources


Instagram Grid Content


I also am an active member of a few different Facebook pages where I can connect with other bloggers and TpT sellers. The one I love the most is run by my friend, Kelsey, from Kelsey Hayes: A Blog for Middle School Teachers. Connect with her - she's AWESOME. And she'll set you up in our group. (She's also a great resource to use if you want to start a teacher blog. She's AWESOME!)


Keeping up with all of my social media was difficult at first. Honestly, I WISH I would've had a tracker. I wish I would have had somewhere to write those numbers down, to remember if I posted on Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter, etc. 


That's when I came up with this:

Using this, as well as my planning templates, I have a much better handle on what my goals are, what my ideas are, and what I plan on doing next. 


You can use the check boxes to plan whether you are going to post on that platform on which day OR you can track whether you actually did post on that platform or not. You can use it in any way that is helpful to you :) 


My planning templates: 

 You can download ALL of these planning sheets for free! 


TpT & Social Media Weekly Tracker


TpT & Blog goals, as well as additional planning sheets




And make sure the subscribe to my blog for exclusive freebies and notifications whenever I post something new! :) 


What do you use to plan and grow your business/blog ? I'd love to hear what you do in the comments! 




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