Growth Mindset - A Newbie's Adventure

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Growth Mindset - A Newbie's Adventure

July 20, 2017

I just finished my second year teaching and I know that I have so much room for growth. One thing that I intend on incorporating into my classroom and curriculum next school year is the idea and practice of growth mindset. 


As an 8th grade teacher, I am often in a weird but awesome position - my students are so ready to go to high school, but are definitely nervous and afraid for the what the next step entails. Teenagers often get down on themselves and feel like they aren't as good as their peers, and I try really hard to make students see that they ARE and that there is always room for growth and improvement. So using the growth mindset model in my classroom (as well as embracing it myself) will be an awesome addition to my classroom.


Here's what I have in the works:


A giant bulletin board. (This ^^^ is what happens when you aren't allowed in your classroom, but you're desperate to start planning things out - you use your coffee table as a mock bulletin board! haha) I'm using the term "goal getters" as a reference to growth mindset. I'm focusing on the idea that in order to achieve ALL of your goals, you HAVE to have a growth mindset. So therefore, growth mindset = you will achieve your goals.

I've also created 20 banners to use throughout the year with growth mindset inspired quotes. Since I teach secondary, I have quotes that they can connect with. A few examples:

1. Good things come to those who hustle

2.Great things never come from comfort zones

3. The comeback is always stronger than the setback.


Here's a look at them: