#Teachers Who Letter {A Beginner's Guide}

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#Teachers Who Letter {A Beginner's Guide}

July 3, 2017

Being able to hand letter is a talent. Absolutely. I don't deny that. BUT - that doesn't mean it isn't something you can learn and work towards. I've always had really pretty handwriting, and I was always interested in lettering and making fun lettering art pieces. But I definitely wasn't always as good as I am now. 

A lot of you have seen my lettering floating around my my different Instagram accounts, Fairways and Chalkboards as well as DIY Teacher Lady


 I started PRACTICING and working on my lettering in January of 2017. That's right - 7 months ago. I really wanted to step up my handwriting game. And that's my whole point - you can absolutely improve. Here's how.

 Here's what you need to know:


1. Practice makes awesome.


If you haven't really lettered before, start by looking on Pinterest or YouTube. Look for a style of lettering that you really like. Start there. There are so many videos out there, as well as lettering guides that you can literally print right off of your computer and practice with right away! 

 This is my own lettering guide that I've created. I have a growing bundle that teaches you how to lettering in a lot of different styles. My original lettering bundle is pictures above - it's my cursive whimsical lettering. 

But there are dozens of different lettering guides that you can find online!

You won't become an awesome lettering teacher overnight. I promise. But there are so many different ways that you can practice!


2. You DON'T need fancy equipment or pens!

This is the most common misconception. I always get this question. But honestly - the basics are my most favorite to letter with. Regular old Crayola markers. 

 I created this one yesterday using the $5 markers from Michaels. I've tried fancy pens and frankly, they aren't for me. I prefer markers or paint pens. That's my go to. 

My whole purpose for wanting to be better at lettering was so that I could create pretty random art for my students on my chalkboards in my classroom without taking a lot of time. And I definitely am not using fancy pens on my chalkboards. I use chalkboard markers. So why worry if I'm never going to use it? Obviously :) 

So please don't feel like you have to go out and spend $230498304981 on fancy materials in order to letter. You can do it in your favorite notebook. I have a sketch pad from Michaels. Mine is 11" x 14", but do any size that you find comfortable!


3. Do what makes you happy.


So often, people tell me "it's not like yours, so why should I bother?" That's what makes lettering so awesome! It SHOULDN'T look like anyone else's lettering! It's unique to each of us and that's what makes it so pretty. 

When I started lettering, I was copying other people's work to PRACTICE. They had already created stuff that I liked, so I tried to imitate them. As time went on, I become secure and comfortable in my own lettering style, so I started making my own designs. 

It definitely takes time to get used to it. And it takes practice. But that's ok! 


I never would have thought to make this a year ago. But it's my style now. I've learned who I am as a lettering teacher :) 


4. Use your lettering on ALL THE THINGS.


Seriously. Do it. I lettering on EVERYTHING. It makes everything so much more personal!

 I letter all over my classroom, too.

 If you want some additional help for some posters for your classroom, I have a "DIY Inspirational Poster" bundle in my TpT shop. You can just print them out OR you can project them on the board and trace them. Once you get more comfortable with your lettering, you can start adding your own designs!

 It's a growing bundle and will have many more added soon :) 


Let lettering be a fun and creative element in your life. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It should be fun and pretty and true to you and your classroom! :) 


What kind of stuff do you like to letter? What's your favorite pen or marker to letter with? Let me know in the comments!





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