How To Start a Teacher Instagram

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How To Start a Teacher Instagram

June 18, 2017

Social media as a teacher is SO AWESOME. I really love it - I started my teacher Instagram account almost a year ago. I just switched over my personal account as my teacher account. I didn't really use my personal account much, so I decided that was best for me.. It actually started accidentally. When I started teaching, my students found my Instagram account and began following me. It wasn't all that exciting - pictures of my dog, my fiancé, and fun things I was doing in my classroom. And slowly, it morphed into something so much more. And let me tell you how I did it.


1. Figure out what your goal is for this account. Some questions you should ask yourself:


Are you trying to connect with other teachers?

Are you building your "brand"?

Trying to start a blog?

Are you focusing on a classroom account? 


My goal is a few things: it started as a way for me to brag about my students. I love posting really awesome student work on my account to share with others what I'm doing in my classroom, as well as to show how talented they are. And my students love it! They love making an appearance on my account. And then I started a blog and a TpT store, so I used it also as a way to promote my "brand", I guess. But that isn't the whole intention of my account. I'm a teacher FIRST. I share what I do in my classroom. I share photos of curriculum, projects, student work, classroom decor, classroom finds, pictures of what other teachers are doing. That's where my passion is. 


Figure out your passion, and share it with the world. That will help grow your teacher Instagram account. 


2. Find all of the teacher hashtags that pertain to you! Some of the most popular ones are: 









These are ones that I use personally, as well are:






These are hashtags that pertain directly to my "brand" and my posts. So these are the ones that I use the most. Poke around on Instagram and see what other hashtags there are out there that work well for you and your account. 


3. Connect with other teachers!


This is probably the most important one. Instagram is a free tool for teachers to connect with other teachers that they most likely otherwise never would have. How awesome is that? Comment on other teacher's accounts, ask questions, engage in conversation. 

Have a question or a comment? Message that person directly! Even the big accounts. I know it may seem like they'll NEVER respond back, but you know how teachers are. Most accounts respond as much as possible! I get probably 50-100 direct messages a day, and I try my hardest to message every single person back. It's the teacher in us - we care :) 


Some of my favorite accounts:
















These aren't all of my faves. But these are all accounts that I've actually personally engage with. They're kind, collaborative, creative, fun, and awesome teachers to follow! 


My final tip: be authentic. The teacher Instagram community is such a supportive and kind one. It's a place to build each other up, and to support each other. It's all about the teacher tribe. Being part of this tribe has made me a better teacher and has allowed me to grow. Share what makes you proud to be a teacher. Do you, boo. Because that's what's going to draw in the crowd. I pinky promise!


Happy Instagramming!




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