Summer Work Space - Desk Tour!

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Summer Work Space - Desk Tour!

June 15, 2017

As teachers, we are constantly working, brainstorming, creating. Even though summer has hit for most of us, that doesn't mean we aren't already planning for next year. Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying my summer schedule. Early morning walks with my puppy, enjoying lunch at a normal human hour, eating breakfast at my leisure. You know - the finer things in life. I already have a Michael's trip planned for later today, meeting with my trainer in the middle of the day, and a conference call at 9. I mean - who I am? That's right - a teacher on summer break!


I relish in creativity. I NEED to be creative. It's therapeutic and helps me with stress and anxiety. That's a big reason why I love teaching. It allows me to stretch my brain and be creative. I've never been happy with my "creative space". We rent a townhouse and don't have a designated office. So we've had to make due with the space that we have. So after hunting around Pinterest for a few months, we took our trip to Ikea and designed my new creative space, and let me tell you - I'm in LOVE with the transformation. 


Here is what it looked like before:

 I know. Hot mess. It was a dining room table that we found at Goodwill over a year ago, but it just wasn't functioning the way that I needed it to. And it was in a constant state of chaos and it wasn't allowing me to feel "zen" and creative without anxiety. So we fixed it!


Current, new space:

 It's bright and pretty and spacious. Plenty of desk space for all of my materials to be spread out and plenty of room for organization! Exactly what I needed.

One beautiful part of our townhouse is that we have a TON of natural light. The desk setup is right next to the porch slider doors, and we also have skylights. It's such a calming and beautiful space to be in. 

 We decided to go with a L shaped desk because it fits nicely in the space that we had available. And instead of using only table legs, we used the Ikea Alex cabinets:

 We bought 2 of these cabinets. One for me and my stuff and one for Eric and his stuff. It allows us to keep our things separate but organized. 

And since I'm done for the summer, I've brought home my crates of curriculum units, which I am storing under the desk so I can rework them. 

 Tucked in the back corner is my collection of AstroBrights paper (obviously) and the printer. I bought the paper organizer at Michael's from the Recollection line.  

The bookshelf behind my desk is where I store all of my crafting supplies : Cricut, laminator, paints, glitter, glue, brushes, etc. And it fits so nicely in my little corner!

My cute little corner here:

 Bright colors and organization (and pineapples) are key to a beautiful workspace for me!


Come back next week when I give you a look in my drawers - how I organize, what I keep handy, things that I just can't live without!


How do you like decorate your work space? Do you have a designated area in your home for you to be creative? I'd love to hear!




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