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Preppy Teacher Binder

May 29, 2017

As I'm going into my 3rd year as a teacher, there is something I have found that I just absolutely need: my teacher binder. I've spent a lot of time figuring out what works for me in terms of organization, as well as what it is that helps me in my day to day practice. And I LOVE planners. Let me tell you. But I seriously can't justify spending $60 or $70 a year on an Erin Condren planner when I don't use everything in there, AND when it doesn't have everything I want or need. So my next best solution? I made my own planner. 

You're probably thinking I'm nuts. Who has the TIME to MAKE THEIR OWN PLANNER. Seriously. And you're right. I'm a little cray cray. I'll be the first to admit it. But organization is super important to me, and I'm always trying to think of ways to be more efficient. Therefore, I created my own planner. 


Here's a (sort of) short video on what I include in my binder. All the things that are essential to my sanity during the school year!




Here's what is included in my teacher binder:


- "This planner belongs to..."

- Fairways and Chalkboards planning sheets

- Notes sheets

- Monthly calendars

- Weekly lesson plans

- Class roster/grades sheets

- Special Education (accommodation cheat sheet/medical information)

- Necessary Info (fire drill roster, login/password info, student birthdays, etc.)


How I bound it:


Printed - 28 lb bright white paper ($7.99/300 pages @ Target) at home

Bound - Staples ($4.50)


If you want your own editable, customizable preppy teacher planner, it's right in my store! 


How do you make your lesson plan book work for you?





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