Emoji Writing Prompt

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Emoji Writing Prompt

April 10, 2017

There isn't a ton of room for creative writing in my curriculum, which is kind of disappointing. I love what I teacher, and I'm so glad that we have a great curriculum, but I definitely with that CCSS allowed for more creative writing. This year, my entire classroom is built on the idea of social media and Instagram, and I wanted to incorporate that into my curriculum as much as I could. So I designed a TON of different emoji writing prompts. 


The kids definitely loved them. They're simple, quick, and so customizable. I build a different template for every holiday! I used them in my extra block - we do a group emoji writing prompt as well as an independent emoji writing prompt. The kids love them, they're fun, and they're always different.


I typically don't give an actually word prompt. I just give the kids the slip of emojis that they need to tell a story with, and voila! They all are so creative and it really lets their personalities shine through. Here are a few from earlier this year:


 An example of a group emoji prompt:



 As you can tell - the kids definitely get into! It's a ton of fun. I have a bunch of different ones in my bag of tricks. I LOVE the holiday ones - I just posted an Easter Emoji Writing Prompt I'll be using with my students this week. I'm super excited! I'll post some of their stories on my Instagram when they finish them :)


What are some of your favorite creative writing activities?





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