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Spring Hand Lettering Freebie!

With spring in full bloom here in New Hampshire, I want to share a couple of FREE spring inspired hand lettering worksheets with you.

You can download them from the "Free Stuff" section of my website!

You can print them as many times as you'd like, or you can upload them to Procreate (or any other note taking app) and use them digitally.

The file comes with a PDF (for printing) and 2 JPEG images that you can upload into Procreate. Here's a quick little video on how to do use them in Procreate:

  • Create a canvas that is at least 7.5" x 10" (my canvas here is 8.5" x 11")

  • Go to "insert file" and navigate to wherever the downloads are living

  • Add the desired JPEG file into the canvas and resize the image to fit your canvas

  • Add a layer on top of the canvas (the new layer always you to letter over and over again without having to add the JPEG into the document every single time you start over)

  • Choose a brush and a color and start lettering away!

Enjoy these worksheets! If you use them, tag me on IG or TT and I'll share them!

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