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DIY Rainbow Wall Art

With a baby on the way, I'm starting to nest 😂 and I've been creating alllllllll the things. My latest creation is an adorable rainbow wall art. Naturally, I got my inspiration from Pinterest and decided to make my own.

So today I'm going to give you a shot tutorial on how to create your own!

Time to complete: 3-4 hours (you guys - step 4 takes the longest lol)

1. What you'll need:

- Scissors

2. Lay out + cut your rope!

I decided to do 5 colors/layers. You can do as many as you'd like!

I sized my rope around the string of beads I used to make sure it would fit correctly.

3. Tape off the ends you cut with painters tape (this way the rope doesn't unravel!

4. On each individual rope, cut a piece of floral wire to help create the final shape.

Then, start wrapping the yarn around the rope. (This part takes the longest!) Make sure you wrap it TIGHT.

5. Once wrapped in yard, make sure they fit into one another ✨

6. Using hot glue, finish off the ends.

7. Create the cute pompoms for the ends of the rainbow.

I just used the yarn I had - there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest on how to create your own pompoms!

Make one for each end of the rainbow - so 2 pompoms in each color!

8. Hot glue the pompoms onto the bottom of each rope.

9. Glue the layers together - starting from the inside. THIS IS IMPORTANT so that the spacing is correct. So start with the wooden beads and work your way out ✨

Then finally, glue your felt balls on the outside ✨ This was a last minute addition (inspired by the ones I saw on Pinterest) so I snagged these felt balls from one of Charlie's sensory bins hahaha #momwin

All done!

I have it sitting on a shelf in the kids' room:

It's a fun pop of color 🌈

I'd love to see your own version of it! Enjoy. xo

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