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Digital Coloring Pages + April Freebie!

Today I want to share with you how to use my digital coloring pages (that are available in all of the Color ALL The Things Vlll sets!)

But not onlyyyyyy do I want to share how to do, I'm obviously going to share a FREE coloring page with you! I'm giving you one of the coloring pages from my popular Color ALL The Things: Spring set.

Each coloring page set comes with PDF coloring pages (that you can print out easily) and then it also comes with PNG files. That means that the background is transparent and you can color. But I also don't want to color over those pretty outlines, so here's a quick tutorial on how to color digitally WITHOUT loosing the pretty outlines.

How to do it:

  1. Start with an 8.5" x 11" canvas (all of my PNG files are this size so it will automatically fill your entire canvas!)

  2. Go to the wrench and click on "add file"

  3. Navigate to wherever the file lives and choose the PNG file that you want to add. It MUST be a PNG file, otherwise this won't work.

  4. Add a new layer and drag it underneath the PNG file layer.

  5. Choose your color and brush and start coloring in the bottom layer! You won't loose the pretty outlines, and you can still really focus and color (which is the relaxing part!)

You can download the FREE coloring page from my "Free Stuff" section (plus you can snag all of the other cute, FREE goodies over there too!)


Let's hang out on Instagram or TikTok! @fairwaysandchalkboards

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